(2016) Short Film

Genre: Short, Horror, Slasher

Status: Released Online

Year of Production: 2016

Producer: Nick Long

Screenwriter: Alastair Clayton

Director: Alastair Clayton

Starring: Lily Frazer & Matthew McPherson

Format: 2.8k Anamorphic/24p

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: 5.1 Surround

Runtime: 6'23"

© 2016 Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.


Guardians is a proof-of-concept for horror feature "REUNION" now in development at Turtle Canyon Films. It will be set in the same school but featuring an entirely new storyline, taking place some time after the events of this chilling short.


There are many subtle, and no so subtle references to some of Alastair's favourite horror movies of years gone by. How many can you spot?

Bonus material

Teaser Trailer

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