In Memory

(2015) Short Film

Genre: Short, Drama, Romance

Status: Released Online

Year of Production: 2015

Producer: Nick Long

Screenwriter: Alastair Clayton

Director: Alastair Clayton

Starring: Josephine Tewson & Patrick Godfrey

Format: 2k/24p

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: Stereo

Runtime: 12'07"

© 2015 Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.


Much of the film was shot in a man named Tom Smith's home. Tom was in his 90s when the film was made and was thrilled to welcome the crew into his home as he had always wanted to work in the film industry and was thrilled to see how it all worked. During the second part of the story, set in 1967, we see a poster advertising an event in which "Film Director Tom Smith" will be visiting the town. Tom also called cut on the last scene shot in his house.

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