Martin Just Wants to be Beautiful

(2015) Short Film

Genre: Short, Black Comedy, Romance

Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2015

Producer: Tom Golding & Stuart Laws

Screenwriter: Tom Golding

Director: Alastair Clayton

Starring: Tom Golding & Elisa Lasowski

Format: 2k/24p

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Sound: Stereo

Runtime: 8'24"

© 2015 Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.


In the film's credits, Executive Producer Nick Long is also credited on the film as "Aerial Photography Pilot" despite there not being any apparent aerial footage in the finished film. The crew spent 2 hours filming an extended ending sequence from the sky, it had potential but unfortunately didn't work for the film, so ultimately had to be cut.

Bonus material

Teaser Trailer


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